Chateau Marbre et Granit

Our Factory

At Château du Marbre et Granit, you'll find everything you're looking for. Our wide warehouses contain a large array of products, and we are convinced that we have all you need, be it counters, floors, stairs, or else.

Our employees, professional and experimented, take great care of each piece that leaves our factory. Our service is the most courteous and fast..

Come visit us, and you'll be thrilled by the choice and the space at our disposition. Château du Marbre et Granit is the custodian of many types of granit, quartz and marble, and our experts wil answer every question and give you advice on the choice you have to make, in relation with your needs.

Contact us today: it will be our pleasure to welcome you! At Château du Marbre et Granit, the customer is always right!